Rust/wasm32 bindings for HTML/DOM-based Gui Widget Library?

By "Gui Widget Library", I'm referring to things like: Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Message Box, Drop Down Selector, Text Box, etc ... -- things often linked to GTK, QT, Cocoa, or what the GUI of VisualBasic / XCode provides.

Now, there are examples of people emulating these widget libraries with just HTML / DOM / CSS.

Question: Do any of these have decent Rust / wasm32 bindings ?


Basically I have a Rust/wasm32 app, I need to add a GUI to it, and looking for something to use.

I prefer HTML / DOM based, rather than WebGL based (egui, makepad), as I'm already using the WebGL context for other things.

It sounds like you might be looking for Yew? Haven't used it myself, and it's not 1.0 yet, but it's got some buzz and looks good from it's intro: Build a sample app | Yew

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