Rust toolings, libs and anything for robotics

Hi, dear Rust Community!

I'm a software engineer who loves robotics. I'm new to Rust but I'm deeply expressed by Rust's language characters like memory safe, thread-safe, fast, and lightweight. I also see there are Rust Embedded WG and the community's work to make Rust support embedded devices(which would be used on robotics). So I'm just considering if we can make Rust one of the favorite programming language for robotics.

I found a website that collects Rust robotics info:

And a similar one here(not active anymore):

I'm just wondering if there are Rust developers who also focus on robotics and are interested in this. Maybe we can first have some existing ROS applications ported to Rust and see if we can collect more resources to found a robotics WG or something.

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I think combining the embedded WG and physics simulation (dimforge) would be a good start. (+Electronics and other hardware.)

I'm a graduate student working on software for robotic arms, and I'm interested in taking advantage of Rust's thread-safety for multiple-thread controllers. I'm also interested in CAN implementations in Rust — seems like Rust is a good fit for low-level messaging.

For Kinematics, I've benchmarked openrr/k against KDL for a 7DOF manipulator's Jacobian, and found KDL was significantly faster. I want to experiment with other numerical FK implementations in Rust, as well as symbolic FK implementations, just trying to find the time! :smile:

Hi, Rust Roboticists!

I'm author of and openrr/k.
Thank you for picking up my works, and all contributers!!

I want to know why k is so slow, so could you give me the benchmark code if you can? @cadojo (I always want to do that, but i have no time to test other libraries)

Actually recently k moved into thread safe model, so i know that it has become slower than ever.

Working on this @OTL! Didn't forget :smile:

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