Rust rpc over websockets

Consider the following situation:

  1. server is Rust/x86_64
  2. client is Rust/wasm32
  3. they are talking over websocket

Is there a standard crate / library for doing RPC in this environment ? I would prefer a solution where both Rust/x86_64 and Rust/wasm32 can server as the "rpc server" and the "rpc client"

I'm not aware of any RPC library for this situation.

Is a reasonable chain of logic something like this: when someone sets out to write a RPC, they probably want to use some known standard, so they pick Thrift or gRPC. Then they want it to be high performance, so they go with async io / tokio. Therefore, all RPC libraries "converge" towards being Thrift / gRPC on tokio?

Well, you kinda need a standard for the protocol before it makes sense to build a large RPC library for the protocol.

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