Rust project changelog for 2016-04-29

These are the releases from The Rust Project for the two weeks spanning
2016-04-15 to 2016-04-29. This report covers projects in the
rust-lang, rust-lang-nursery and rust-lang-deprecated GitHub

bitflags 0.6.0

Released 2016-04-20.

lazy_static 0.2.1

Released 2016-04-27.

regex 0.1.68

Released 2016-04-24.

  • PR #210:
    Fixed a performance bug in bytes::Regex::replace where extend was used
    instead of extend_from_slice.
  • PR #211:
    Fixed a bug in the handling of word boundaries in the DFA.
  • PR #213:
    Added RE2 and Tcl to the benchmark harness. Also added a CLI utility from
    running regexes using any of the following regex engines: PCRE1, PCRE2,
    Oniguruma, RE2, Tcl and of course Rust's own regexes.

regex 0.1.67

Released 2016-04-22.

  • PR #201:
    Fix undefined behavior in the regex! compiler plugin macro.
  • PR #205:
    More improvements to DFA performance. Competitive with RE2. See PR for
  • PR #209:
    Release 0.1.66 was semver incompatible since it required a newer version
    of Rust than previous releases. This PR fixes that. (And 0.1.66 was


Released continually / no releases.

rustup 0.1.8

Released 2016-04-28.

rustup 0.1.7

uuid 0.2.1

Released 2016-04-20.