Rust Project changelog for 2016-07-15

These are the releases from The Rust Project for the weeks
spanning 2016-06-24 to 2016-07-15. This report covers projects in the
rust-lang, rust-lang-nursery and rust-lang-deprecated GitHub


libc 0.2.14 (released 2016-07-11)

Contributors: Alex Crichton, Daniel Robertson, Hiroki Noda, meh,
Nikita Baksalyar, Philipp Keller, sateffen, Steffen W

libc 0.2.13 (released 2016-06-28)

Contributors: Alex Crichton, bors, Knight, Nik Klassen, Paul Osborne

net2 0.2.26 (released 2016-07-15)

Contributors: Alex Crichton, Steffen W

net2 0.2.25 (released 2016-07-07)

Contributors: Alex Crichton, Nikita Baksalyar

regex 0.1.73 (released 2016-07-09)

  • Release regex-syntax 0.3.4.
  • Bump regex-syntax dependency version for regex to 0.3.4.

Contributors: Andrew Gallant

regex 0.1.72 (released 2016-07-09)

  • PR #262:
    Fixes a number of small bugs caught by fuzz testing (AFL).

Contributors: Andrew Gallant, Brose Johnstone, Julien Wajsberg,
mcarton, Pascal Hertleif, Robin Stocker, Sean


rustup 0.3.0 (released 2016-07-14)

Contributors: Alex Crichton, Brian Anderson, Drew Fisher, geemili,
Ivan Petkov, James Lucas, jethrogb, Kevin Yap, leonardo.yvens, Michael
DeWitt, Nate Mara, Virgile Andreani


Contributors: joemphilips, NODA, Kai, Steve Klabnik

Contributors: Aleksey Kladov, Alex Crichton, bobreyes, Brennan Saeta,
Brian Anderson, Eric Findlay, Florian Gilcher, Kaivo Anastetiks, Steve
Klabnik, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe