Rust Latam (29/30 March 2019) - Website, Keynote speakers, CFP is open and first batch of supporter tickets available

I'm very pleased to announce that Rust Latam first edition will happen on March 29 and 30, 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

We've just launched the website, you can check it out at and can follow us on twitter

We are very honored to have Niko Matsakis and Boats as keynote speakers. Very excited about that.
We are inviting everyone else to apply to the Call For Proposals to become a speaker too :). All you need to do is create an account and then you can submit your proposal using that site. There's time until the end of this year. We offer to cover speakers for flights and hotels for up to USD 1.3k but we may end covering in full if that money is not enough. If your company want to cover expenses for you way better, we can offer a bronze sponsorship in exchange.

Supporter tickets are available for USD 100, by buying this kind of tickets you will be helping us a lot to be able to get enough money to run the conference in the best possible way. We are going to launch regular ticket sales in the near future for USD 50.

Last but not least, we already have some big sponsors but we are looking for more. If you can talk to your company and convince them to be part of this conference it would be great :). Besides from helping us could be a good opportunity to show-cast your products and meet around 200+ expected attendees.
We have a brochure with the different sponsorship packages located on the website

Hope to see you all here in Montevideo next year :).
Feel free to contact me or the rest of the organizers if you have something to share or some question.


I have many questions:

  1. I'm a student (well, finishing uni, but a student still!). What's the... target audience, sort to say? Would it make sense for me to go there?

  2. How do you pay for it? I live in Chile, how much money (ballpark) do you think it would take me to attend the conference?

  3. What do you do in a conference like this one? I've never been to one, and am kinda new to Rust (5 months learning it so far, with no signs of leaving it ^^). What would I be doing there? :3

Thanks in advance, have a good week :relaxed:

Hi @felix91gr,

  1. We are expecting a lot of students, a lot of talented and smart developers. At the same time I expect that most of the people are not going to have a lot of previous experience with Rust. So I think you as a student are more or less in the same situation as most of the attendees here :). From my point of view it makes a lot of sense if you can come.

  2. We are going to cover expenses of speakers and the way we plan to pay is probably by doing an international bank wire transfer.
    The cost I'd say is the cost of the flight from where you are to Montevideo (if I'm checking correctly it's USD 200 the round trip if you're in Santiago) + hotel/airbnb there are very cheap ones here you can spend as much as you want but you can get something for USD 30 or less, I'd recommend you checking in and + food and all that stuff USD 20/30 per day + conference ticket USD 50.
    So if you come for 4 full days would be USD 200 (flights) + USD 30 * 4 (hotel * 4 nights) + USD 30 * 4 (food 4 days) + USD 50 (conf ticket) = USD 490. And you can probably make that a bit cheaper, I recommend you to investigate that and share the results :).

  3. In conferences like this you use the opportunity to learn from the workshops, from the talks, to meet people which from my point of view is the most important part of it. You can listen to experiences and get ideas, there's always somebody hiring if you're looking for a job and someone needing help with their OSS projects if you want to get involved. Stuff like that but it's very nice and fun.

Hope you're able to visit Montevideo, if you have any other question let me know.

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I wonder how much interest you're getting? I'm seriously looking at flights now (from Peru). I wonder, will you need to reach outside the Rust news-streams to find interested people? e.g. local coder/maker groups, or through Mozilla, or through Universities, or in groups for other languages who might still have an interest? I'd really like this to be a success.

We are getting a LOT of interest from people actually. Go ahead and book your flights :).

I'm not sure but we are going to promote as much as possible and in every place that is possible. If you want to help on that it will be really appreciated.