Rust Latam is coming!

Rust Latam is coming ... it will be in Montevideo, Uruguay this friday 29th the workshops and saturday 30th the talks.

We have all the details on our website, in particular the schedule might suffer some minor adjustments. For the ones not coming we are going to record the talks and publish them as soon as possible. For the ones coming see you here :tada: :tada: :tada:


Not sure who or where to ask this: Could we designate a dedicated Rust Latam channel on Discord or IRC for coordinating pre- and post-conference get-togethers and disseminating updates? I found it helpful for #all-hands.

Hey David, it would be nice and super useful to have something like this and I actually thought about the same thing :). I've talked with @nikomatsakis a couple of days ago and we decided that the best thing is handling that by ourselves for now. Will ping you to see if you have an idea :slight_smile:

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