Rust-gdb on OSX

Hey there,

I am running OS X and installed rust. Now I would like to debug some of my code and I discovered the pretty-printer rust-lldb and rust-gdb.
On Linux, rust-gdb works right away and out of the box, but on OS X apparently only rust-lldb gets installed! I pulled the rust-gdb script from Github, put it somewhere into my PATH and also made sure to place the appropriate Python gdb scripts into the right place, right next to the already installed pretty-printer for lldb. However, it seems that when running rust-gdb they don't get loaded!
How can I make it work with gdb and the python pretty-printer? I don't like lldb very much, I installed gdb via homebrew because I am more familiarized with it. Is there some way to make it work on OS X with gdb and the python scripts? Or are the debug-symbols different and can not be read by gdb on OS X?

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I have the same issue, I am able to debug on Mac using RustDT IDE, I am not a big fan of eclipse based products, so looking to see if I could do the same using VSCode. Any help is much appreciated.