Rust for web development and distributed services - stats


I’m trying to increase Rust adoption at work and I’m having a discussion about guidelines on where Rust could be used. I argue that at the moment Rust can be used for writing web services (without HTML rendering, just APIs) and it isn’t that much harder from languages like Go or even Node.js. Of course many libraries are less mature, but I think that for the most part it’s a very pleasant experience and even if you don’t need speed all of the compiler checks make it much easier to write correct code.

Some people, though, argue that Rust is primarily used as a C/C++ replacement and it’s mostly used in systems programming and embedded contexts. And because of that web libraries will be always a step (or a few steps) behind languages that were designed to handle web services like Go or Node.js

I can’t find any recent stats on Rust usage. Is anyone aware of something that could help here? I’ve seen results of the 2019 Rust Survey and it’s encouraging, but it’s already 2 years old and the question asked there is not straightforward: the question was for full time Rust devs and asked what field are they working on. The most frequent responses were web development and distributed systems, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that this is what Rust is used for.

Please help!

I work for Cloudflare, and I can tell you that we use Rust for many web services. Rust has been stable and dependable for years now. We use it in production, and it's powering our critical components.


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