Rust Anthology. Collecting blog posts into a book. Help wanted

Hey there.

Rust needs more documentation, right? Well, yeah, it does, but there are
actually a lot of great Rust docs out there right now, and a lot of great Rust
writers! Here's a project to collect a bunch of great Rust documentation into a
single place.

Rust Anthology takes the best blog posts about Rust and puts them into a book,
with the following goals:

  • The primary goal is to collect valuable information into one
    place, get it under test, and present it in a consistent way.
  • Celebrate authors of excellent Rust documentation.
  • Create a coherent full-length book.
  • Perhaps publish a book in print form as a point-of-pride for the community.
  • Create a yearly tradition of collecting the best Rust writing.
  • Incentivise yet more high-quality blogging about Rust with the anticipation
    of being selected for next-year's book.

This is not nearly done (you can see it here), but I'm announcing it now in
hopes of finding contributors to help import chapters, begin making the examples
testable, and to help drive the project to completion. It's going to take a fair
bit of work yet to whip it into shape, but once it's reasonably usable, and the
chapters are under test, it should serve as a useful resource for some time.

If you would like to help, see both the main tracking issue and the
instructions for importing chapters.

This is different than rust-learning in that it is tightly curated, has a
single presentation style, is focused on chapter-length writing, and includes
chapters about using Rust in practice with key crates like rayon.