(rust-analyzer) the `?` operator breaks type hints


I wanted to check if I was missing something obvious before raising a gh issue.
with rust-analyzer and vscode, the type hints disappear whenever I use the ? operator.

it's especially annoying because it also prevents rust-analyzer from autocompleting method names when using such an object with a now-untracked type

Is is a known issue, and if yes, does it have a known fix ?

I'm not a huge fan of posting code as images but I can't exactly copy the hints (also, I'm limited to one embed per post, sorry for the spam)

before unwrap:

after unwrap:

Do you get this in a fresh project, with no other code?

What Rust version are you using, and what rust-analyzer version (there's a " Rust Analyzer: Show RA Version" command you can use in VSCode)?

sorry for the late reply, the notification was lost somehow

you made me realize I had an ancient rust-analyzer, the auto update apparently stopped happening somewhere in 2021, updating fixed the issue ^^'


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