Unknown request "rust-analyzer/inlayHints" in Sublime


I've been using Sublime Text with the LSP, LSP-rust-analyzer, and Rust Enhanced packages for a while with no problems. However, starting a few days ago (and I think after an update to either rust-analyzer or its Sublime package), it stopped displaying the inlayed type hints. However, when I hover over variables, it shows the types in a tooltip. Looking at the logs, I see this message printed:

rust-analyzer: [ERROR rust_analyzer::dispatch] unknown request: Request { id: RequestId(I32(5)), method: "rust-analyzer/inlayHints", params: Object({"textDocument": Object({"uri": String("file:///Users/christopher/git/bitcoin-rs-experiments/src/main.rs")})}) }

I did some other experiments, and found that the type hints do appear in VSCode, where I also have it configured to use rust-analyzer. I also confirmed that Sublime Text, all ST packages, Rust, and rust-analyzer are fully updated.

Any ideas what might be going wrong? If anyone else has experienced this, might there be a bug in a recent update to rust-analyzer or its Sublime package?


Rust-analyzer moved from it's own extension for inlay hints to the upstream LSP support for inlay hints. The rust extension for Sublime Text will need to be updated for this.

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