Rust-analyzer/coc too verbose


I'm using vim with coc and rust-analyzer. After a recent update I'm seeing a lot of distracting information in my editor (the darkish blue color):

I tried to deactivate it by changing my coc settings as follows:

  "rust-analyzer.diagnostics.enable": false,
  "rust-analyzer.inlayHints.enable": false,
  "rust-analyzer.inlayHints.chainingHints.enable": false,
  "rust-analyzer.inlayHints.closureReturnTypeHints.enable": "never",
  "rust-analyzer.inlayHints.typeHints.enable": false,
  "rust-analyzer.inlayHints.parameterHints.enable": false,
  "rust-analyzer.signatureInfo.detail": "parameters"

But they don't have any effect. What am I missing here?


It's better to ask for help in the plugin's repo (like Issues · fannheyward/coc-rust-analyzer · GitHub in your case).

I don't use coc now, but I guess the keyword for this is inlayHints or inlay hint.

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