How do I get rid of the extra information being displayed by the rust-analyzer?

So I am using vscode and I am using the rust-analyzer extension.

See how I see this extra information:


I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of these things from displaying?

That's the feature called inlay hints. You can disable it within the vscode extensions setting panel.

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So these are nothing to do with autosuggestions, right, because after a search in the settings I am yeilding many results for inlay hints?

i think these are called "code lens", and you can disable it in vscode via "Editor: Code Lens" checkbox...

I had opposite problem in the past, trying to get this working actually with older extension version, as it brings imho a lot of implied information that i'd have to write/keep in my head otherwise...

edit: Hyeonu is acutally right, sorry for unintended misdirection... O:)

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You can also use Rust analyzer: toggle inlay hints.


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