Rust 1.45.0 released!

We just released Rust 1.45.0! Check out the blog post for the highlights of the release:


I'm glad that I can finally use fn-like proc macros in expr and stmt position :slight_smile:

As I said on Reddit, the standback crate hasn't yet been updated with some of the stabilizations. I'll likely get to it this weekend or early next week, unless someone wants to help out! It's relatively simple. Send me a message if you might be interested.

It's great to see progress, but I've noticed something rather worrying:
Seems like commands:
cargo build --release
cargo test --release

rebuild all deps every time, even without touching source code in between.
Is this normal?

Unfortunately, yes - there was a recent thread discussion that here: Saving Recompilations with --release

I don't think this has been submitted as a bug to cargo, and I don't think there's work being done to address it - but if you want to pursue that, I'd recommend continuing this conversation in the above thread.

build and test use different profiles so they could use different deps, optimisations, etc. It's normal when test and build result in different builds.

Consecutive test and build shouldn't rebuild everything again if you don't touch any file. What would not be normal if e.g.

cargo build --release
cargo build --release


cargo test --release
cargo test --release

would rebuild everything twice.


Glad to see upgrade on proc macro.
I prefer my const random to be function like macro rather than attribute

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