Rsk: the requirements tracking tool made for developers


I am writing a new text-based requirements tracking tool, written entirely in rust.

The code is still in the early-early stages of infancy, but I have made a lot of progress on the requirements and would love feedback from the general programming community.

The main goals of rsk are:

  • to make requirements, risk analysis and design specification as core to development as unit-testing is now
  • to make it simple for developers to write requirements + detailed design + test cases and track their progress

there is more details in the purpose document, which uses the format for rsk requirements:

What I would really like right now are:

  • feedback on the current purpose – would you find this useful in your daily workflow/company/etc?
  • feedback on code that exists – I am still new to rust, so any feedback on my code would be helpful
  • contributors! – if you like the idea of this project, I would always like help :slight_smile:



This has been released in beta and submitted to crate of the week!