Now Taking Submissions - This Month In Rust [August]


Firstly I would just like to say, thank-you so much for all the amazing support its totally weird and insane that 1000 odd strangers watch my videos every week and support me.

I originally started this whole channel because Rust IS the future of systems programming (I also think its much more than that). A lot of people learn better by having something explained and so I wanted to introduce rust to those people.

Recently I started an experimental series called This Month In Rust, this series is my way to give those developers who work so hard but might not get the exposure and a chance to launch their dreams, the kinds of projects I am willing to promote are non-discriminate. I am now taking submissions for October’s video.

Submission Template

  • Name Of Project (Code Names are fine)
  • Describe your project in one paragraph or less.
  • Link to GitHub project
  • Are you available for interview about your project? (Yes/No)

One other thing I am wanting to do is help get your project fan funded.

Here is last months video (Sorry Mods for duplicate video posting):

Cheers Rustians :D.


Hey, I am the the developer of rst, the requirements tracking tool made for developers. The aim of the project is to make requirements tracking as easy and useful as revision control, and for requirements tracking to be a kind of second-nature documentation – similar to unit testing. I would love to do an interview about the project, as well as the importance of requirements gathering and detailed design in developing quality software!

  • libfaultinj
  • Fault injection library that intercepts calls to libc and creates misbehavior. This misbehavior is great for unit tests and system/integration tests to hit corners that you might not otherwise easily recreate.
  • available for interview: yes


I will take a look tomorrow, there is still time for all these as a video like this takes me a few weeks to compile so don’ think I have forgotten. I am aiming for the second week of the month this time around. Ill be in touch :smiley: