Rs_pbrt v0.4.4 adds support for NURBS and Subdivision Surfaces

There are mainly two new shapes being supported to be read from .pbrt files:

  1. NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) - see shapes/nurbs
  2. Subdivision Surfaces - see shapes/loopsubdiv

The related issues are:

  1. CreateNURBS (see issue #65)
  2. Implement 'Shape "loopsubdiv"' (see issue #67)
  3. Fix motion blur (see issue #66)

I started to implement some Python scripts for Blender to export to rs_pbrt . This is basically a simple way to create basic scene files for certain features of the renderer I'm working on. The repository also contains 4 new test scenes related to those topics.

See also (Release Notes for v0.4.4):

Here some subdivision surfaces in action: