Rosetta Code has a lot of examples that aren't implemented in Rust

Rosetta Code is a website that shows how common problems can be implemented in a bunch of different programming languages. It can be a good place to learn Rust because you can compare how an idiomatic Rust implementation compares with languages you already know.

The page of all examples that aren't implemented in Rust can be found here:

If you are looking for an exercise in Rust, feel free to implement them and ask for code review (after all this is a form of documentation) here, on reddit or on discord.


Oh that looks fun.

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Should we just have a mega-thread so people can post code snippets if they want to?

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@Jezza I'm not quite sure what you mean, but if it's to ask review for rosetta examples they wrote, I think it's better that they each get reviewed in a thread. Some rosetta examples are quite serious programs.

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I just mean we could just turn this thread into a mega-thread for them, and if the code itself is big enough, another thread might be necessary.
I actually wasn't aware that some of the code examples were that big.
All of the programs I've seen on the site have been fairly small.

I'm also interested in the idea of a single repo we could host the code in.

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Welp, cross off the TODO list.

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I added code for Morse Code

If anyone knows of a good/simple cross-platform (Win, Linux, Mac) sound crate I'd be interested in adding actual sound output option.