[Release] cargo-quickinstall 0.2.5 - prebuilt binary crates - now with command line options

I have just released a new version of cargo-quickinstall, which now has options for configuring its behaviour.

cargo-quickinstall is a cargo plugin which behaves like cargo install but fetches prebuilt binaries if they are available.

Instead of writing:

cargo install ripgrep

you would write:

cargo quickinstall ripgrep

Thanks to Adnan and Francisco who participated in the Rust London Hack and Learn today, we have added argument parsing, and given the code a bit of cleaning up.

You can now use cargo-quickinstall with the following options:

    cargo quickinstall [OPTIONS] -- CRATE_NAME

        --version <VERSION>         Specify a version to install
        --target <TRIPLE>           Install package for the target triple
        --no-fallback               Don't fall back to `cargo install`
    -V, --print-version             Print version info and exit
    -h, --help                      Prints help information
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