[Release] cargo-quickinstall 0.2.0 - Prebuilt binary crates now hosted on GitHub Releases

I have just released a new version of cargo-quickinstall, which now downloads prebuilt binary crates from GitHub Releases.

cargo-quickinstall is a cargo plugin which behaves like cargo install but fetches prebuilt binaries if they are available. Instead of writing:

cargo install ripgrep

you would write:

cargo quickinstall ripgrep

Previously I was hosting my binaries on bintray (which is where homebrew serves its bottles) but this service is being phased out, so I needed to replace it.

I asked at the Rust London Hack and Learn, and the spotify-tui maintainer suggested that I use GitHub Releases. I switched my builder to upload to GitHub Releases shortly after the Hack and Learn, and it has now worked through its build backlog, so now is a good time to start using it for real.

This release still falls back to bintray if it can't find a package on GitHub Releases. Once bintray is fully dead, I will make another release that removes this fallback.

Relatedly, people have asked whether this idea could be applied to speed up the first run of cargo build. I think the answer is yes, and I have an idea of how it might work. Jump on Gitter if you would like to get involved.

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