Relative module paths aren't supported yet?

I want to develop WebAssembly in Rust.
Now I'm stuck with "wasm_bindgen". I get the following error, how can I fix it?
The "index.js" and "" are indeed in the same folder.

to quote the section from the guide:

Paths in module = "..." must currently start with /, or be rooted at the crate root. It is intended to eventually support relative paths like ./ and ../, but it's currently believed that this requires more support in the Rust proc_macro crate.

see also #1343 for discussion of a related issue

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Thanks for the reply.

I made the following modifications, WebPack now gives me another error.
#[wasm_bindgen(module = "index")]

Now it seems to me that the content should be as follows... :smiling_face_with_tear:
#[wasm_bindgen(module = ". /index")]

is the module you are trying to import a local js file or external managed (e.g. npm module)?

the module attribute can have dual purposes, if you are trying to use a local js file, the module attribute should be the path to your js file inside the root directory (i.e. the directory containing Cargo.toml); for npm modules, you might want to use raw_module to avoid the ambiguity.

see the #1314 discussion linked in previous reply.

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