Wasm_bindgen doesn't support relative paths anymore


I have a project that uses wasm_bindgen, and which uses an extern "C" block to import code defined in a JS file, like so:

#[wasm_bindgen(module = "../src/foo.js")]
extern "C" {
    fn bar(quux: &str, corge: &str) -> String;

    fn baz(grault: &str) -> String;

Both the rust file that contains the extern "C" block above, and the foo.js file live in the $PROJECT_DIR/src directory i.e. we have $PROJECT_DIR/src/lib.rs and $PROJECT_DIR/src/foo.js.

However, I’ve just updated the dependencies of PROJECT to the most recent wasm_bindgen version (from wasm-bindgen 0.2.29 to wasm-bindgen 0.2.39 as of the time of writing), and suddenly I get a build error claiming that

 error: relative module paths aren't supported yet
    --> src/lib.rs:40:25
  40 | #[wasm_bindgen(module = "../src/foo.js")]
     |                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Consequently, code defined in $PROJECT_DIR/src/foo.js can’t be found anymore, generating additional compile errors. FTR: this did work with wasm-bindgen 0.2.29.

I have tried replacing the attribute with (in turn, of course)

#[wasm_bindgen(module = "src/foo.js")]


#[wasm_bindgen(module = "foo.js")]

Neither of these 2 seems to work.

However, when I hand-hack the generated $PROJECT_DIR/project.js file (which is generated next to $PROJECT_DIR/project.wasm) and alter the imports from

const bar = require(String.raw`foo.js`).bar;
const baz = require(String.raw`foo.js`).baz;


const bar = require('path').join(__dirname, 'src/foo.js').bar;
const baz = require('path').join(__dirname, 'src/foo.js').baz;

then that works.

Given that relative paths aren’t supported anymore (which, from at least the user perspective, is extremely weird in its own right btw), how can I make the Rust compiler understand that I need access to that JS file using the wasm_bindgen attribute now? Hand-hacking like illustrated above is not sustainable.

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