Reduce binary size for embedded


Hello there.
I juste compiled the latest blue-pill demo and the file is more than 1.3 Mb while the microcontroller only has 64k of memory…

git clone
cd stm32-blue-pill-rust
cargo build 
ll target/thumbv7m-none-eabi/release
141Ki stm32-blue-pill-rust

How do I get to reduce it’s size ? I’d like to keep my debug symbols (so stripping all symbols is not a very good idea…).

Thanks !

#2 covers most of your options, though switching to the global allocator has changed:

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Thanks a lot for your reply !
This is for embedded development, so there is no linking to external libraries, no allocation, etc.
I think the only valuable advice is to strip the executable but I do still want to be able to debug it…


I’m actually not sure that rustc will remove the allocator if you don’t use allocation. You should check.


@gbip Please check the FAQ. There’s an entry for this exact question.


Another note: the s and z optimization levels stabilized in 1.28.0.


Thanks a lot, this is perfect !


For future reference, I’ve created a min-sized-rust repository that details all of the ways (that I’m aware of) to minimize the binary size of Rust programs.