RA totally broken since 1st Oct version?

Using VSCode, I don't know why, but RA suddenly stopped working at all. No navigation, no semantic highlighting with this error:

thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'not implemented', /rustc/04488afe34512aa4c33566eb16d8c912a3ae04f9\src\libstd\macros.rs:13:23
stack backtrace:
   0: <unknown>
   1: <unknown>
   2: <unknown>
   3: <unknown>
   4: <unknown>
   5: <unknown>
   6: <unknown>
   7: <unknown>
   8: <unknown>
   9: <unknown>
  10: <unknown>
  11: <unknown>
  12: <unknown>
  13: <unknown>
  14: <unknown>
  15: <unknown>
  16: <unknown>
  17: <unknown>
  18: <unknown>
  19: <unknown>
  20: <unknown>
  21: <unknown>
  22: <unknown>
  23: <unknown>
  24: <unknown>
  25: <unknown>
  26: <unknown>
  27: <unknown>
  28: <unknown>
  29: <unknown>
  30: <unknown>
  31: <unknown>
  32: <unknown>
  33: <unknown>
  34: <unknown>
  35: <unknown>
  36: <unknown>
  37: <unknown>
  38: <unknown>
  39: <unknown>
  40: <unknown>
  41: <unknown>
  42: <unknown>
  43: <unknown>
  44: <unknown>
  45: <unknown>
  46: <unknown>
  47: <unknown>
  48: <unknown>
  49: <unknown>
  50: <unknown>
  51: <unknown>
  52: <unknown>
  53: <unknown>
  54: BaseThreadInitThunk
  55: RtlUserThreadStart
note: Some details are omitted, run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=full` for a verbose backtrace.
Panic context:
> request: textDocument/definition GotoDefinitionParams {
    text_document_position_params: TextDocumentPositionParams {
        text_document: TextDocumentIdentifier {
            uri: "file:///c%3A/Users/geobe/work/my_project/src/server.rs",
        position: Position {
            line: 44,
            character: 65,
    work_done_progress_params: WorkDoneProgressParams {
        work_done_token: None,
    partial_result_params: PartialResultParams {
        partial_result_token: None,

and in extension host logs, I have this message multiple times:

[2020-10-01 11:20:32.716] [exthost] [error] [matklad.rust-analyzer] provider FAILED
[2020-10-01 11:20:32.717] [exthost] [error] Canceled: Canceled
	at LanguageClient.makeCancelError (c:\Users\geobe\.vscode\extensions\matklad.rust-analyzer-0.3.331-nightly\out\src\main.js:11804:24)
	at LanguageClient.handleFailedRequest (c:\Users\geobe\.vscode\extensions\matklad.rust-analyzer-0.3.331-nightly\out\src\main.js:11794:28)
	at c:\Users\geobe\.vscode\extensions\matklad.rust-analyzer-0.3.331-nightly\out\src\main.js:14748:28

EDIT: I rollback to stable and is was still broken, but after deleting target/rls it started to work again :confused:

EDIT2: after deleting the target/rls and having stable to work again, I switched to nightly, and now it's working… I still have the "provider FAILED" logs in the extension host logs though

Using RLS and rust-analyzer at the same time can lead to conflicts and isn't recommended. rust-analyzer doesn't use target/rls from what I know.

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That's the thing: I stopped using RLS for over a year, so I'm a bit confused… I've never used RLS on this project, I'm pretty certain of that.

Silly question, but is the RLS plugin still installed/enabled?

It never was installed on this laptop, that's really weird. But my memory could be flawed, it would not be the first time ^^'

Are you on a corporate network? Your VS Code install and extensions are saved to your user, so if you have Roaming Profiles set up it'll automatically be copied to every computer you log in to.

I had to ask the admin at work to explicitly exclude my VS Code install because copying around/syncing a GB or so of stuff made logging in take forever.

No, I'm a fully remote worker and the only corporate network thing is a VPN (using openVPN client)

Updated this morning to the latest nightly, and broken again, same errors in both logs :frowning:

EDIT: switch back to stable, which is working but I have this on extensions host logs:

[2020-10-02 09:30:16.942] [exthost] [error] [matklad.rust-analyzer] provider FAILED
[2020-10-02 09:30:16.943] [exthost] [error] Canceled: Canceled
	at LanguageClient.makeCancelError (c:\Users\geobe\.vscode\extensions\matklad.rust-analyzer-0.2.328\out\src\main.js:11804:24)
	at LanguageClient.handleFailedRequest (c:\Users\geobe\.vscode\extensions\matklad.rust-analyzer-0.2.328\out\src\main.js:11794:28)
	at c:\Users\geobe\.vscode\extensions\matklad.rust-analyzer-0.2.328\out\src\main.js:14742:28

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