Quick-lint-js, interesting project for Rust?

There is an interesting C++ project, which does lint JavaScript code:

The author of the C++ project cares a lot about performance, even writing his own memory management. At the same time, it is very portable. It is tested and runs at least on Mac, Windows, Linux and WebAssembly, and there are plugins for many IDEs, like vim, Visual Studio Code etc., and with special system level code, like implementing OS level notifications for file changes on Windows.

Would it be interesting to port this to Rust? It could demonstrate that Rust can be used for such big projects, and that it is as fast as C++ (the author doesn't think so). Would be also interesting to see the different approaches when comparing the Rust port with the original C++ code, or for example what to use for the extensive testing framework in Rust.

I'm new to Rust, couldn't do it, but maybe someone wants to give it a try.

There is swc.

This doesn't look like fair comparison, because Babel is written in JavaScript, so no big deal to be 20x faster.

I meant you can write linters with it. There is also RSLint.

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