New(ish) project: Extra Lints for Rust

Hi there,

I've watched rust development for some time and when the beta arrived I decided it was time to jump into learning the language. Since I very much like the idea of static analysis (and rust is already strong in that area), I tried to write a lint that would be simple enough for me to handle, but still useful enough to be...well, useful.

Thus, I started the extra_lints project, which can now be found on GitHub - llogiq/extra_lints: more lints for rust (now subsumed in rust-clippy) .

The first two lints (appear to) work: a check for equal sub-expressions of comparison or bit-wise combining binary operations (e.g. 1 == 1) and a check for bad bit masks (e.g. x & 1 == 3).

If some of you have time and interest, I'd be grateful for a bit of code review; what could I have done better? Also I'd like to kickstart the discussion:

  • Should those belong in rustc?
  • Should a lint that catches harmless errors Deny or Warn if the code in question is certainly an error?
  • What simple lints would you like to see?

Replying to myself: I have merged the lints I have so far into rust-clippy. So extra_lints is now obsolete, and I will continue to work on clippy.