QNX & official support for Rust

Apparently BlackBerry and Elektrobit are teaming up to bring official support for Rust on QNX.

Rust and QNX feels like the perfect match -- I'm very happy to see this happening.

(I'm not affiliated with BlackBerry/Elektrobit).


There are already a couple of PR's for this: Search · org:rust-lang qnx · GitHub

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Now there's a post on the official BlackBerry blog about it:

Automakers and OEMs have come a long way in their fight against rust. But now some are asking for more of it — in the form of the Rust programming language. Like the fungus after which it was named, Rust has quickly become among the top 20 most popular languages in the programming world. This is significant in the auto industry because software-defined vehicles (SDVs) are the future.

Software engineers commonly use Rust for systems programming. It is a general-purpose programming language (GPL) created to ensure high performance like C and C++, but focused on code safety, speed, and safe concurrency. These are vital characteristics to have when used for development of mission-critical software and this is why Rust is quickly gaining momentum in the automotive industry.

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That's not at all what I think of when someone says "GPL" :grimacing:


Besides that “GPL” acronym, there is also a mention of the TIOBE index.

What? :person_facepalming:

Edit: Also, I had no idea Blackberry still existed. Are they still competing against Windows Phone? :rofl:

The fungus part is real lore:

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There's a joke hiding in here somewhere about naming a Rust Evangelism team "Cordyceps", but I can't quite find it.

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