Why Rust ? why it is being special .?


why exactly rust…? there are many languages good for system programming . like C/C++ or Assembly .
what rust make a very good system peogramming lanuage .?


In short: less footgunning.

Rust makes it a lot harder to make memory unsafe programs, and to in general cause runtime crashes. It’s very easy to do concurrently run programs with absolutely no risk of data races or memory unsafety, while still maintaining the speed of a low-level language.

It basically forces you to write good code. That can be quite annoying at times, but in general is a very useful tool, especially when it’s integrated so tightly with the programming language itself.


what are the applications of rust …??
and does it good for driver programming …??
how about multithrading …??
does it have any IDE for development …??

sorry i’m just want to chose a language for my final year project so that’s why i’m asking so much questions …!!


I’d suggest you look into some of the FAQ documents. The first page of http://doc.rust-lang.org/book/ gives a fairly good idea of what the rust programming language is good at, and it doesn’t take very long to read at all.

Rust has a fairly large learning curve compared to other languages, as it introduces a lot of new concepts, but they have a large reward in writing safe code, and writing multi-threaded concurrent code. If you are needing to create a working project in a limited period of time, and you don’t have any experience with rust, it is probably best to work with a different language. That said, if you have plenty of time, rust gives a large payoff in memory safety.

As for specific questions:

racer, the main rust autocomplete program, has support for many popular editors such as emacs, vim, sublime text, atom, eclipse, and (I think) visual studio. All of these editors have good syntax highlighting, and ok code completion from racer. There are a few rust-specific IDEs, but none of them are to the point which they are better than the previously mentioned editors.

Driver development / kernel development is very possible in rust, though a lot of things aren’t as usable as they are in regular programs - if you are going with no stdlib.

Multithreading is one of rust’s forte’s. Rust has complete safety from data races.


Thank you for such valuable information .!!