PSA: the 2015-02-25 nightly contains a broken cargo [now fixed]


Running cargo build gives errors like:

Process didn't exit successfully: `rustc - --crate-name - --crate-type dylib --crate-type bin --print=file-names` (status=101)
--- stderr
error: crate name cannot start with a hyphen: -
error: aborting due to previous error

The nightly before that latest one is 2015-02-22, which you can obtain/reobtain with the --date=2015-02-22 argument to, or via multirust default nightly-2015-02-22.

This was possibly issue #1342, which is apparently fixed in master, but seemingly not in time to get into that nightly.

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Good point. :smile: (Edited in to the main description.)


NB. If you build it manually, it’s fine.

Don’t forget to run :smile:


Now fixed! The recently-released 2015-02-26 nightly works fine.

(Since it was only recently uploaded, you may have to use the dated versions (listed above) of the rustup/multirust commands to download it, to side-step the caching.)