Category suggestions

We initially deferred creating categories, to "wait and see". We are now over 100 topics and have some ideas what kinds of topics are posted.

Please suggest a category per post, with links to topics that would belong to the category.

For example, I propose PSA(Public service announcement) for:

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I also saw Kuchiki which could be both idea and libs category. Although I think libs with sub categories would be better. For example: lib > requests, lib > questions, etc. I'm kinda surprised, that more libs question hasn't migrated from, like this one Index by regex.

Some form of project announcement e.g. just announce, maybe with announce > libs (for new libraries/new versions), announce > tools, announce > PSA, announce > event... dunno how fine-grained we should be; alternatively, could flip the categories around, so that we have libs > announce, tools > announce, community > announce, etc.

Community/meetup stuff community:

General blog posts/articles of interest: discussion?

People asking for help, help. (many many examples.) (possible subcategories include code review)

@Ygg01 discussions about the stdlibs (i.e. including the satellite rust-lang repos) make sense on internals, although there's definitely a gray area.

Now that I've written all that, I suspect we shouldn't do subcategories for now, I think having at least community, discussion, help at the top level would be nice.

[quote="huon, post:3, topic:659"]
@Ygg01 discussions about the stdlibs (i.e. including the satellite rust-lang repos) make sense on internals, although there's definitely a gray area.[/quote]
Ah, what are satelite repos? I assume rust-chrono is a satelite repo.

I had the feeling that internals is for semi-closed Rust maintainer discussion (although I can post there :stuck_out_tongue: despite contributing nothing - yet).

Personally, I suspect that there should be an option classify stuff in two categories/tags simultaneously.

Anyway, community, help, libs, psa sound like fine categories. Category discussion kinda seems superfluous, we are all discussing things. I bet 9/10 people will put everything as discussion.

Personally, I'd like an idioms section for discussing/sharing rustisms such as while let Some(i) = {}.

Speaking of questions, do we want questions here or at StackOverflow? It seems like moving most of them there is the smarter choice. Discourse is more for open ended questions.

Plus we don't get the sweet, sweet rep.

Prefer StackOverflow for the things it's good at like 'how do i?' questions I think. As you say, more open-ended questions like, 'where should Rustcon 2015 be held?' belong here.

As a new Rust user who has just learnt all the fundamentals and wishing to contribute open-source Rust projects, I was thinking that some sort of First-Level "Open-Source Projects" category might be useful.

The following are some initial features I think would be important:

  • Synchronise with a listing of Rust projects, such as the Rust CI Projects link, which already allows projects to be listed and filtered by category (i.e. by the "Kind" of project).
  • Second-Level Sub-Categories may include "Green", "Orange", and "Red".
    • "Green" could contain Rust CI Projects that have had a Pull Request (PR) made in the last 30 days and are passing their CI build.
    • "Orange" could contain those that have not had any PRs in the last 30 days OR have have had an Issue raised in the last 30 days OR are not passing their CI build.
    • "Red" could contain Inactive projects that do not satisfy requirements to be either "Green" or "Orange".
  • Third-Level Sub-Category
    • Projects listed according to their "Kind", "Project Name", and "Active" Contributors
      Note: "Active" Contributors would be split into proportions:
      • Those who only Contribute to the code repository of the specific Rust Project
      • Those who only Contribute to The Rust Programming Language Forum
      • Those who do both of the above

Invitations to join The Rust Programming Language Forum could be sent to others who only Contribute to the code repository but have not yet discovered and signed up to the forum. Note: I only found out about this forum because @steveklabnik provided a link to it when I created an Issue on a Rust code repo.

All of the Rust projects included in the The Rust Programming Language Forum would first need to satisfy a set of mandatory criteria (i.e. to prevent an influx of all my Hello World! projects).

In addition to the above, I would also like a First-Level "New Rust Project Ideas" category or similar (if one does not exist already).

What does everyone think?

I'm kind of surprised that your measure of activity doesn't include any information about commits. (Whether it be most recent commit, number of commits in last N days, etc.)

I also disagree that your criteria for "Red" means that the project is inactive. I have plenty of non-Rust projects that sometimes don't see any activity for months, but they are very much still active. They are just older/more mature, so the rate at which activity occurs is much slower. (Some of my projects' activity is seasonal based!)

Some categories I could think of are

  • A showroom to present new crates.
  • A beginners question area.
  • A category for meetup organisation / social anything.

It would be great to have a Gamedev category, similar to how we have /r/rust_gamedev sub-reddit. However, it seems to be orthogonal to your PSA proposal, which makes me question the way we are going to categorize stuff in general.

Personally, I think things like project announcements should be posts on sticky threads linking to a discussion thread in the relevant category.

I think this is a decent set of categories to start with (based on the ones mentioned in this thread). We should probably add categories pre-1.0.

  • help -- can add beginner, advanced, safety (is this safe?) later.
  • community
  • development
    • announce -- STICKY THREAD (points to threads in the relevant section)
    • library -- includes API design etc.
    • game
    • tool -- maybe split into cli/gui? Probably not enough GUI projects to warrant this for now.
    • mobile
    • web
    • system
  • announce -- CATEGORY
  • meta

I took the liberty of adding 'help' and 'announcements' (which internals also has). Still pondering the others.

We probably want a development category but it doesn't really need to be broken up into subcategories yet (or maybe just one for libraries and another for applications).

@stebalien What would a succinct description of the 'development' category be?

Discuss project ideas, designs, and implementations.

Should we call it projects?

I like the idea of having a space for code review--whether or not that space is a subcategory. I'm new to Rust and find examples and reviews helpful in learning style and best practices. Is there a place this is already being done? (Searching for code review is how I found this conversation.)

+1 to that! a dedicated forum would be awesome!

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Inevitably recruiters will discover this forum, and it would be good to have Job Postings organized in one place. I assume the category would be announcements, and I was about to add a topic, but I figure I'll check with the forum organizers first.