Maybe add a new category 'questions'

I propose adding a new topic category called questions. My reasoning is the following.
At the moment there is uncategorized, help, announcements, community and others. But none of them seem to perfectly fit the post that seems to be the most common here: Stack overflow like questions about how to do "this and that" in rust. help can be used for that I guess but it seems too broad and similarily code review would be applicable sometimes but will be too specific most of the time.
Or maybe we should send people to stack overflow with this kind of posts?

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Surely questions just go in the help category?


I guess :person_shrugging:. But wouldn't that overflow 'help'?

My understanding is that asking questions about a snippet of code or aspects of the language is precisely why the help category exists.


In my completely subjective, not-official opinion, it's the open-ended ("soft") questions that need a new category. The sort of thing that wouldn't be allowed on StackOverflow, but would be totally fine on Quora or Yahoo! Answers (RIP). They're allowed here, but there's no category for them that really fits.

The #help category is for the SO-style closed-ended questions.

I don't think a category for open-ended questions should be called #questions, since that sounds too broad. Maybe something like #advice?


Is that a good example of defining the 'soft' question category ? :slight_smile:

In retrospect, the question could have just as easily been written as a "hard" question of the form:

// this fails to compile
// how do I fix this ?
pub trait Foo {
  async fn bar(&self);

Would the heavily controversial Soft question: underscore in names be a stronger example of what you are going after ?

It would be, yes.

I put "soft" in quotes, because I think open-ended vs closed-ended is a more specific way to describe it. It helps avoid confusing closed-ended questions (which would be described as "hard") with difficult questions (which would also be described as "hard").

I think there could be a category for "why does my program will not compile" questions, which are very common, and it might be nice to keep those separate from other questions.

I sometimes wonder if questions that are not particularly specific to Rust are appropriate ( my conclusion they are, as long as you are asking in the context of writing Rust software ).

One category of question I would strongly support would be tooling: having separate off-front-page-categories dedicated to IntelliJ, VSCode, Emacs, Vim.

Off front page since, as a IntelliJ user, I don't need to see the VSCode / Emacs / Vim questions (and vice versa for users for other tools). Still on this forum, as I'm curious what other people's Rust IDE setups are, what issues they are facing, and what cool things they can do in their IDE that I can't do in IntelliJ (yet).

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