Projects to spread Rust in Brazil


Hello everybody ! I’m a mozillian of Brazil and yesterday I began to translate the book of rust. I also created the RoR project ( Rust On the Rocks ) , so if there is any advice or other rustocean of Brazil that can help me improve these projects would be nice :))

I organized a ‘mozilla club’ here in my university which calls RustCave and last week I organized a mozcoffe in RustCave specifically to introduce the rust programing language, the time lapse of mozcoffe can be founde here: (temprary version :smile: )

Rust Brazil by molokdotc - Mozilla-BR o/// go go go go :smiley:
Thank you !
Please sorry for my poor english.


I speak some basic Portuguese. I might be able to help with translation, but it would be nice if some of the more technical words were already translated for me :smile:. Maybe a small dictionary for English -> Portuguese technical words that are very common throughout the Rust book.


Wow, this sounds like a great effort! We’ve been lacking in community organization in South America. I love your RoR logo. When you organize events make sure they get added to the calendar, so they get publicized on TWiR.


Great! I’ll work on this ‘dictionary’ soon as possible!

challenge your portuguese here:

** Show me a few examples of technical words … :smile:


OMG, for sure!!! Check this out:

I created a club called mozilla RustCave , and last week I prepared a lecture for some of my university friends i spoke about Rust, RoR and mozilla’s projects.

** ignore the soundtrack of my video… it is temporary :smile:

Go go go go go Rust!!


I almost forget… I created a rust-br channel on IRC ( too


Translating English terms to Portuguese is hard. Specially in this area. I’ve a good knowledge in Portuguese, so maybe I could help.


If we work together is not that hard… I think taht you were a brazilian (Thelost)… My bad :flushed:


Indeed, I am (I prefer to use just English here, you know).

What I mean is that most of the terms that are used in English, aren’t used in Portuguese (because there’s no a good translating meaning the same thing). So, when we translate these kind of things, we keep the term in English. It happens just with terms, like: “minimal runtime”. How could you translate this?

Anyway, I think my e-mail is on my profile. If you want some contact, go ahead.


Nice to see other Brazilian fellow using Rust. I’m in São Paulo and it would be nice if I ma help you, where are you in Brazil?


I’m from Joinville-Santa Catarina


I’m very busy at the moment, but if someone wants to talk about Rust please join #rust -br channel
ps * User "target " in the channel is my bot :smile:


My girlfriend’s family is from Joinville! I was there a year and a half ago for Christmas and New Years.


I’m from Brazil too! It’s nice to see some fellow folks using Rust!


how are the things going ?


I’m a brazilian rustacean as well, when I get some time (famous last words), I’m planning to give a Rust mini-course at Unicamp. If anyone makes a presentation in portuguese, do share! Translating the book and keeping it updated is quite an effort, I think it will be more worthwhile after we get more traction in Brazil, at the beggining we just have to assume people are confortable reading english and focus on increasing awareness of the language, with talks, presentations, blog posts.

IRC is not a very good communication channel right now because the volume is very low, a forum, mailing list or blog would be more appropiate. Rust on the rocks is a good place to focus the efforts, it ranks well in search engines. However it’s kind of a mess right now and not very up-to-date, it needs to be more open and have better instructions for contributors.


I’m Brazilian too. I agree that the translation is quite a effort but I think that it getting started now will lead us to a more proper way of doing it in the future and in some sort avoid repetition on the way.


Hi! I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo. I was talking to some friends and we wanted to share some content about it and improve our knowledge. We had the idea of creating a meetup group - and I plan to have a first meetup by the end of October in Sao Paulo city. Do you think that it would be a good idea?


Few months ago I were planning to translate the stable book. But time is such a pain to have some that I’m yet to do it.

I do agree a forum would be a nice thing to get started, collect some Brazilian community and so on. And I’d help, for sure.


I am Brazilian too, and getting to know Rust in the last few days, get in touch if you would like some help with the translation.