Italian version of “The Book”

Some weeks ago I started to translate into Italian the book “The Rust Programming Language”, taken from (subdir src/doc/book).
I loaded the contents here:
and then I already translated more than half of the text (everything up to section 4.17 and some other random sections).
Any suggestions are welcome.
For Search Engine Optimization, let me write here a sentence in Italian:
Alcune settimane fa ho iniziato a tradurre in Italiano il libro “The Rust Programming Language”.


How many Italians are using Rust? Are you aware of any desire to do a meeting of Rust programmers in Italy?

Probably very few, but I presume (and hope) they will become more.
Actually I don’t know anyone using Rust.
In 2014 there were 3 meetups about Rust in Milan, but I wasn’t there:

Thank you, I didn’t know about those Milan meetings. I’d like to meet and know Rust programmers this month. What part of Italy are you?

Leonardo, look at my GitHub account.

Hi @carlomilanesi ,

Do you need some help to review the book translation ?

I’m quite new to Rust and I’ll have to go through the book anyway.

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Great. Read the pages on GitHub, and let me know.
Ottimo. Leggi le pagine su GitHub e fammi sapere.

I’ve sent a pull request to your master branch for the file:

I’ve started to review the file on a separate branch.

Cheers !

The translation has been completed and published Here as GitHub Pages. The review is not completed yet.


Grazie Carlo!!!

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