Progress/Documentation of Macros 2.0

Hi, I'm looking for documentation on macros 2.0 on nightly. How far has the project advanced and can we use procedural macros on nightly?


I'd be keen to hear about this for my include_dir crate. I've dabbled in function-style proc macros before and about the only useful resource I could find was the actual RFC.

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What also might help is this:

I tried using procedural-masquerade, but due to issues regarding & tokens, I can't really use it.

You can use proc macros on nightly. You basically create a crate and dub it as a proc-macro crate just like proc_macro_derive then add the #![feature(proc_macro)] flag and label your function like #[proc_macro(function_name)] where it accepts a TokenStream and outputs a TokenStream. It's basically the same as proc_macro_derive except for some minor things