Material Proc Macro

I am trying to get into proc macro development,
but I’m having difficulties finding up to date recourses.
Is there a list (something like arewegameyet) of recommendet recourses?

I would recommend:

If anything is not up to date, please file issues.


The 3rd link you provide has this text:

Procedural macro crates almost always will link to the compiler-provided proc_macro crate. 

This raises a question: what about the proc_macro2 crate?
Is that a temporary artifact that will go away once the new macro-keyword based system is stable?
And if so, how exactly does one deal with the fallout from proc_macro2 going away?

I now have a question myself: How can I deal with proc_macro2's Literal type?
There are no operations defined for it, almost all its methods return a Literal instance.

What I want to accomplish is get the information stored within the literal as a string.

I’ve already answered my own question: just use format!("{}", lit) if lit is the name of the Literal, then strip the surrounding quotation marks.