Problem using dependency glium


I've problems using glium. I added the line

glium = "*"

to my Cargo.toml in the [dependencies] section but cargo gives me the following error when building:

An unknown error occurred

When running cargo build --verbose I get the error:

failed to parse registry's information for: wayland-client

I'm new to Rust and I don't really know what to do with this information. When I add the line

glium = "0.16.0"

to my Cargo.toml I get the same error. (0.16.0 seems to be the current version of glium according to

When I change the version number to a random

glium = "1"

I'm getting the following error:

no matching package named `glium` found (required by `glium_test`)
location searched: registry
version required: ^1
versions found: 0.16.0, 0.15.0, 0.14.0, ...

(Which explicitly states version 0.16.0)

The dependency rand = "0.3" for example works fine.

I'm using

  • cargo 0.8.0 (built 2016-03-22)

  • rustc 1.7.0

and I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.

Help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


Your cargo (and rustc too) are quite old. Almost a year! It seems that the 0.16 version of glium requires newer toolchain. You can try your look with older version, eg. glium = "0.14", but the best solution would be just to install the newest toolchain.

Those are the versions that shipped with Ubuntu 16.04. You'll have to install it yourself from to get something newer.

failed to parse registry's information for: wayland-client

I believe it is this problem:

Particularly, looking at the raw registry index, I can see that wayland-client 0.6.0 has a dependency on "name":"wayland-sys","req":"^0.6.0-alpha", and it's the -alpha part that older cargo fails on. It doesn't even matter that this version is yanked from - it still tries to get parsed.

If you can't upgrade, maybe you could ask the Ubuntu packager for cargo to backport the semver and cargo fixes.

Thanks! Installing the current version solved the problem.