Problem linking libraries on Windows

I have issues with the linking of collechyma’s dependencies in Rust, here is the output :

fatal error LNK1181: cannot open entry file OpenCL.lib

I installed both Visual studio and Cuda, I can see the OpenCL.lib file in Cuda’s path but apparently Rust cannot find it.
I tried everything,
I reinstalled 4 times both cuda and visual studio with different versions
I put every possible path in my windows PATH variable

I don’t know what to do, I tried to type it on google but yeah the only answers was “You didn’t install Visual Studio or one of its components”

PATH is where your binary will look for .dll files at runtime. To tell link.exe where to look for your .lib libraries you need to configure the LIB environment variable instead.

This isn’t exactly a reply to your question and also while I don’t know you exact use-case there are some more up to date crates for OpenCL like this one which is actively maintained and developed.