Complex linking in Windows is terrible, or I'm doing it wrong

I'm working on a project to write Rust bindings for a particular C++ library. The source for my project is here, and the original library is here. I have it compiling and testing without issue on Linux, but my attempts at getting it working on Windows have been disastrous so far. This is my first Rust/C++ interop project and in fact my first project using C++ at all, so there's a good chance I'm doing something terribly wrong. I can run a normal build fine on Windows now (after a lot of fighting), but trying to test gives me a boatload of errors. I've uploaded the output to a pastebin here: And here's my

I apologize that anyone who wants to help will probably have to wade through a decent amount of weirdness in my project setup and build script, but if anyone can help me figure out the issue I'd very much appreciate it.

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