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I propose to create a math working group to focus on the healthy development of the Rust language numerical calculation system.

First, clarify that although the working group expects to cover scientific computing content (refer to Matlab, Wolfram Mathematica, etc), it still proposes to simply call as math working group.

I wonder why there is no math working group in Rust? Numerical calculations are important to any language, even for rust language that was not born for numerical calculations.

The responsibilities of the working group roughly include the followings:

  1. Organize and propose the crate-chain of scientific computing;
  2. Define certain crates as "working group recommended" in the crate-chain to reduce the selection difficulty for novices;
  3. Identify missing crates in mathematics, such as symbolic calculations, PDE solvers, etc. for now, and mark some missing crates as "urgently needed";
  4. For some key missing crates, the working group can also create projects and implement them;
  5. And more things that I didn't expect now;

I hope that this proposal can be supported by the community, and that the working group can be formed by community numerical computing experts. I will also try my best to devote time to support this working group.


There is the rather quiet and the larger dimforge discord server:

Can you clarify what the state of the working group is? Was the reaction positive in the internals forum, but there were a lack of people to actually join the group, i.e. it can't be established and you're here to recruit people for the task? I'm unfamiliar with the process of how working groups get established.

@Phlopsi I think this thing is meaningful and do-able. Therefore, here is the pre-proposal. This post is also convening interested people, especially those who have long contributed to rust numerical calculations. I hope to create this working group with them. I may get some voluntary working hours and even some financial support.

@s3bk Thanks. Although it is quiet, there are cool people and cool stuffs inside.

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