Parse only some part of JSON

I would like to know if I am missing a pattern in JSON destructuring using serde-json:

I am trying to parse a String-represented JSON into a struct but my struct only parse a part of the JSON. How would you do it?

A more precise example

The String-represented JSON to parse :

fieldA : SomeValue, 
fieldB : [TheArrayOfValuesIWant, WithPrettyMuch, TheSameTypeOfObjectsIn], 
… // many other fields omitted

With fieldB being the field I want to parse and the other field that I want to discard.

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You can deserialize into a struct containing only fieldB. Other fields will be ignored efficiently.


By default, serde-json discards excess fields of JSON object. So, this just enough:

struct Data {
  #[serde(rename = "fieldB")]
  elems: Vec<Elem>,

let data: Data = serde_json::from_str(json).unwrap();

Thank you all for your replies ! @dtolnay @Hyeonu
I wish I could figure those small snippets myself : where could I have found this in the documentation ?


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