Pals, Processes' Arguments LiSt

The pals crate provides a command line utility of the same name.

It dumps all running processes' pid,ppid,command name,arguments and prints JSON to reflect the process trees.

Example of output

[{cmd: "alpha", pid:105, args:[ "alpha" ], subs:[
  {cmd: "beta", pid:107, args:[ "beta", "--help" ]},
  {cmd: "gamma", pid:106 }]},
 {cmd: "lorum", pid:102, subs:[
  {cmd: "ipsumipsum", pid:104, args:[ "ipsumipsumipsum", "--name-too-long" ]}]}]

Note that child process has one more space identing than its parent.

The crate also provides Rust API to let users touch Rust values directly, if they are not willing to parse JSON.