Procs: A modern replacement for ps written in Rust


I released a new tool written in Rust.
procs is a modern replacement for Linux ps command.

The main features are below:

  • Output by the colored and human-readable format
  • Keyword search over multi-column
  • Some additional information (ex. TCP/UDP port, Read/Write throughput) which are not supported by ps


super cool. any comparison to ps in performance/features?


This is great! Really like the layout and the info.

Next feature request, if somewhat obvious: specify a column for sort order.


There is no comparison in feature. Currently I implemented features as the same as ps aux.
I checked performance by hyperfine.

Benchmark #1: procs
Time (mean ± σ): 165.5 ms ± 5.9 ms [User: 28.0 ms, System: 36.7 ms]
Range (min … max): 159.0 ms … 183.8 ms

Benchmark #2: ps aux
Time (mean ± σ): 40.5 ms ± 3.7 ms [User: 7.8 ms, System: 31.8 ms]
Range (min … max): 34.2 ms … 50.4 ms


Thank you for your feature request. I’ll try to add specified column sorting.


very nice !

one small question: is there a way to get color output even when piping through less ? (akin to ls --color)


I added --color option at v0.3.3.
Please use --color always to enable color with pipe.


Thank you ! This works great now:

target/debug/procs --color always | less -RS