Oxpilot: A build your own AI copilot project

Hi Rustaceans!

I am new to Rust, read "the book" and started learning by building a project, I found LLM/AI being the most interesting area. So decide to build a local (=not using OpenAI API), LLM-powered CLI.

Inspired by "build your own *"-styled projects on the internet, I decided to document my learning process into a full tutorial for anyone interested in Rust: I made a Copilot in Rust :crab: , here is what I have learned...

(Please note that the tutorial is about 90% done, missing last two sections, and it's for beginners like me.)

The tutorial is into these topics:

  • Rust's safe net
  • Async
  • BDD a SSE server
  • Builder and Type State
  • Arc/Mutex vs Actor (WIP)

The final project is a local AI-powered CLI that can spawn a copilot server for your editors (a axum server generating ghost texts and autocompletes) ,

OR oxpilot can be used like

git add .
ox commit

Which generates commit messages by summarising git diff output.

Acknowledge: oxpilot is built on candle and GGUF models by mistralai.

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