"Build a Copilot" tutorial asking for review

I have been working on an article on "Build a Copilot in Rust" for months, and now finally close to the end, I still miss the final two sections on Arc/Mutex and Actor Model, but it's mostly ready.

Here is the link to the preview of the tutorial on dev.to.

For those didn't know Copilot, basically it is a server serving auto-completing request using AI... also known as LLM (Large Language Model). In the article I go though everything you need to build one in pure Rust. Inspired by https://codecrafters.io/ but all contents are written by myself.

I have already asked friends for reviewing, and polishing the text for about 100x times :sweat_smile:, but obviously there still many to be improved. (I am not a native speaker)

I would appreciate if anyone can help proof reading, and find any possible mistake. Keep in mind that I started (seriously) learning Rust for about 4-5 months, there likely mistakes and misunderstandings in some forms.

Thanks :pray:

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Hi chh,

I don't have any constructive input on the article itself. Since you ask for proof reading, there is a misspell in https://github.com/chenhunghan/oxpilot:

I recommand to read first, and PRs description...


Best regards,


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