One place for ideas with voting system

I have a proposal for a community project. It would be get to get some feedback.


A website where people could easily vote for crate ideas. There would be also an option to comment or add your own idea.
Also a second similar website for voting which crate needs help.


  • some good projects/ideas have busy maintainers (github-rs, limn)
  • people asking same questions on forums over and over again (gui, webdev)
  • some people with skill and time don't have ideas
  • some people with ideas don't have skill or time


  • better crate discovery
  • feedback from community more accessible (than blog posts)
  • possibility of new crates emerging
  • most important crates quality would improve


One centralized place for voting on crate ideas or voting for more contributors.
The system would need to be simple enough (using oauth and voting with one click) to get most people engaged.

Unity3d has already implemented something like this already. It can be used as a benchmark for this project.
Alternative link:

Voting system

This is a topic for a discussion. Topics for discussion:

  • how many votes per user?
  • should votes be reseted after some period of time to dispose obsolete topics

Possible problems

  • too many comments in most voted ideas may be overwhelming
  • implementing this in rust would require to write authorization system from scratch (rocket nor other frameworks don't have it). it would be probably easier to implement it in other language.
  • who is going to host the website?
  • who is going to implement this? what about coordination or place to discuss details?

Design goals

  • simple
  • easy to register and vote
  • mobile first

Website core design

  • top page would be a ranking of most popular/new ideas with oauth login button. First vote would be within 3 clicks (login button, oauth confirmation, vote button).
    Each idea in list would have votes number, title, author, date and very short description. There would be also vote button for easy voting.
  • idea details page would have long description and comments
  • there would also be some kind of search feature


  • create separate category on official forum
  • separate repository for crate ideas (similar to rfcs repository)


Nicely written. I feel we can do this within this forum itself. It will need a lot of planning. Either way let me know if you need any work done.

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Definitely. There’s an officially supported plugin for this:


This is a very cool idea! I'm currently working on my own website using Rust and Elm and your concept seems very doable. Although it can apparently be done within the forum, I think a site might appeal to a broader audience.

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