Where to discuss a crate

I just published my first crate "reader_for_microxml".
I prepared it thorughly:

  1. I have a repository on Github with a good readme.md
  2. I copied this readme.md into lib.rs for the documentation.
  3. I used "include" in cargo.toml to publish only meaningfull files.
  4. Checked with --dry-run and then finally published.
    All looks fine. There are this different "entities" for my future users:
  5. crates.io (to use in cargo.toml and discover crates)
  6. doc.rs the documentation compiled from code in crates.io
  7. github.com - the repository for development

I miss a place/forum where my users could discuss about the crate. With me and with other users.
The rust community has <users.rust-lang.org>. I can start a Topic, but one single crate needs more than one single Topic I think.
Then there is the subreddit <www.reddit.com/r/rust>.
Same there. I can crate a Post or a reply.
And then there is the tab "Issue" on Github. But that also does not look like a discussion. It is more a bug tracker.
Where could every crate have a public official discussion exclusive about it ?

That's totally up to you IMHO. You could use discord, IRC, google groups, mailing lists. Everything that fits your needings.

I would like that forum to be friendly and familiar to rust developers.
And where they can find also discussions for other crates.

A number of Rust projects use https://gitter.im/ for this.

Thank you for the info. I didnt know about Gitter.
Gitter is an open-source instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitHub repositories.

But I would prefer something like Discourse with topics, questions and answers.
The chat is ok for instant msg, but is chaos to find information later.

Hey, I'd also like to see this kind of stuff. Maybe it could be an addition to crates.io ?
Like crates.io/forums. Whenever there is a crate published there will be (if not yet done) a new sub forum created. The publishing will be the first post to this forum as an announcement containing eg. the changelog.md from the crates git repo.
The owner of the crate get's automatically a user from crates.io/github in this forum and will become a modearator of this subforum. With a new attribute in cargo.toml one might configure whether he would like to have this stuff created like publish-forum = true and he might also provide a custom announcement text if changelog.md is not sufficient.

I'm not sure whether this should be a seperate hosted thingy or part of crates.io ?
I'd be willing to support this kind of development :slight_smile:


The Rust community already has this Discourse server. Maybe just add a new category "crates in crates.io" ?

But I don't want to add a new big burden for the moderators of this Discourse server. If there was a possibility to isolate the new Topics and give moderation to the crate authors.

That would effectively turn crates.io into a Reddit clone. The politics surrounding the relationship between Reddit Inc and their volunteer moderators are a full of ambiguity and tension. Rust has enough drama as it is; I'd rather not invite more.

The Rust project is not structured in a way that adequately supports running a forum site host. The mods regularly make subjective editorial decisions that would have to be formalized if anyone could become a mod like this. Becoming a forum site host would also require a massive expansion in the size of the mod team, and would need enough structure to allow the organization to police not only the crate-forum mods, but to police itself. Right now, all of the mods can just meet up and talk; that's not possible if we have hundreds of mods.

If you think your crate needs its own forum, then you can get a forum for it from Discourse or go with any of the other options. The extended Rust community is inward-facing enough as it is, anyway. I'd rather not make it worse.

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I will do this:
I will open a Topic in the category "announcement" here in users.rust-lang.org. And then I will try to add the link to the readme.md in crates.io.
This is not perfect, but it will work for small crates. Like this :
Announce reader for microxml 1.0.4
Now is a little cumbersome because I must write the announcement prior to publishing the crate. Once the crate is published I cannot change it and add a link to something new.

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