Not able to navigate into the code

I'm trying to create a code for GPIO driver in RUST using visual studio code.
In file I'm able to navigate into the code. but when I create a separate file in the same folder and try to access it then I'm not able to navigate into the code (to see the declarations and definitions).
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It would be better if provide a detailed environments descriptions, such as extensions, logs or screenshots. For the moment, maybe this post could help you.

List of softwares in my PC:
1)RUSTUP - rustup 1.25.2
2)Visual Studio code - 1.76.2

Extensions used in VScode:
C/C++ - v1.14.4 rust-analyzer - v0.3.1435

This is the file. In this file I'm able to navigate through code but when I try to access the code in gpio_driver file I'm not able to do that

It seems all ok, I cannot find out the problem. Sorry.

If gpio_driver is a rust source file it should be put in the src file with a .rs extension and then declares as a module with the mod keyword. If it isn't a rust source file then you should tell us what it is.

Thank you so much @SkiFire13.
My problem is resolved.(It is a rust source file and I did as u said)

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