Debugging with Visual Studio Code - "Unable to open" errors

I managed to get Visual Studio Code debugging to pretty much be working, error messages come up as shown in this screenshot, bottom right:

It seems like it doesn't know the correct path for the "system" source files, such as "" or "" or maybe they don't even exist. It's not a big issue, as I can step out and get back to the source which exists, but I wondered if there is some fix that makes this work more smoothly.

Do you have rust-src component installed from rustup?

Probably not, I think I installed it:

C:\Users\pc\hello-rust>rustup component add rust-src
info: downloading component 'rust-src'
info: installing component 'rust-src'
info: Defaulting to 500.0 MiB unpack ram


but not sure it has fixed the issue, although maybe it did install some new source that I ended up in ( I do have the prompt:

"Git not found. Install it or configure it using the 'git.path' setting."

Would that help? I wasn't sure whether to go ahead with that.

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