Any way to fix these popups when debugging in Visual Studio Code?


When stepping into a function, these popups often appear.

Ideally I want to tell Visual Studio Code "Don't try to step into anything other than my code". I don't understand why it is looking in "c:\rustc...." ( the folder doesn't exist, and I don't think it ever existed, on my computer at least ).

Or at least, if it insists on stepping into library code, don't pop up these errors messages.


When compiling rustc the path to the source code is remapped to /rustc/<commit hash> for reproducible builds. I think you can set ""rust-analyzer.debug.sourceFileMap": "auto" to remap it to the local standard library source. feat: Automatically detect rust library source file map by vsrs · Pull Request #8624 · rust-analyzer/rust-analyzer · GitHub

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Thanks. I wasn't able to get that to work yet, what does seem to work is to put this in my launch.json file:

               { "/rustc/09c42c45858d5f3aedfa670698275303a3d19afa/library" : 

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